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"He Just Won Our Hearts Completely"

Victor fields questions 
while Johnny focuses on signing autographs 
during the Russian fan meeting 
on Sunday, November 11. 
Exclusive photo © Nadya Vasilyeva.

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, and we have received a lovely gift from the Russian fans for which we can all be most grateful: Nearly 100 exclusive photos from the fan meeting to roll around in till Thursday and beyond! This sparkly cornucopia of conviviality features two things we love the most: Johnny and Victor, of course, alternately answering fans' questions and cracking themselves up.

Because posting all 90+ photos at once would mean it would take until actualfax Thursday for this blog to load for you, we'll be enjoying our picspam in installments. Today's Part 1 also includes a wonderful writeup of the fan meeting by the lovely Nadya Vasilyeva (@_lord_Henry on Twitter).

If you've seen Johnny's latest column for the Falls Church News-Press, you know that on top of suffering an injury that forced him to withdraw from both of his Grand Prix events, he and his family also suddenly found themselves in the middle of a John le Carré novel in trying to leave Russia. Following one bizarre turn of events after another, they all finally made it home safely—for which we are also very grateful.

But in the midst of this extremely turbulent trip, there was this fan meeting: An oasis of love in which fans showered the husbands with gifts and discovered, much to their delight, that Victor is a rockstar all on his own—and everything fans could ever have wished for in a marriage partner for Johnny.

And for that most of all—for love—we are especially thankful.

"He Just Won Our Hearts Completely"
by Nadya Vasilyeva

I think it was absolutely the best fan meeting we've had so far.

You understand, the day before it (the free skate day [when Johnny announced his withdrawal]), we were devastated, and worried as hell. How can we make jokes and smile tomorrow? I was thinking. But the next day came, and it turned out to be almost four hours of absolute happiness and Love.

Johnny began with apologies, again, although a lot of people asked him to stop saying sorry. But he just couldn't not say that. It was heartbreaking to see him feeling that way.

But we moved on to the nice part quite quickly. All the presents made him—actually both of them—soooo happy :). And then there were the questions. And God, it was hilarious! And informative :D. They both were so charming, speaking their wonderful Russian, telling some fun facts about each other. Their relationship is a pure delight to watch. I cannot describe how happy we are for Johnny to have such an amazing husband.

And I have to talk a little about Victor in particular. He just won our hearts completely!! :) Mine personally for sure. And many others, I know. No photos or videos can express how amazing and charming he actually is. We didn't even expect that he would be THAT nice and awesome, almost even nicer than Johnny—which is, like, impossible :D. Well, of course, we knew that Johnny could not have married a bad person, but it was just beyond any expectations. Victor was so sweet, funny, so nice to the fans... he's got a lot of fans of his own in Russia now. :) And oh, his hugs are so strong, tight, and warm! :)) ♡

These two are absolutely perfect for each other, in every way. We're so happy for both of them that they've found each other. And if we could help to make them happy for these few hours—that's all we wanted, and we couldn't wish for more.

We're missing them both like hell already. I'm so glad they know that they both are so loved and welcomed in Russia, always, no matter what. ♡

Please click any photo twice for larger view. 

Nadya writes: "Many of the photos are quite similar, but I couldn't delete more—their facial expressions are too precious. :))

I couldn't either. :)

Johnny opens by apologizing 
for his withdrawal from Cup of Russia.

Next, Irina Volkova explains that they have 
questions, gifts, and things for him to autograph.

The first gift, presented by 
Tatiana Edrenkina, left, whose gorgeous photos 
are often featured here. Irina Volkova
who conducted the fan meeting, 
is on the far right.

This beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral suitcase 
is for bringing presents home from Russia, Irina says.

Another gift: an iPhone5 case, 
decorated with the letters "J W-V" and the Russian flag, 
handmade by one of the fans. Apple enthusiast 
Victor is particularly excited about this!

A closer view of the iPhone case! 
Photo © Irina Agaeva.

More gifts—and flowers!

Nadya explains this next series of photos:

"Johnny is telling about... Vitya tried on...

...Johnny's Gaga costume.... Finland. :)).

Johnny's got some photos...

... on his phone... if Vitya behaves...


...Johnny will tweet them. :)"
(Sweet Weirsus, make it happen...!)

Nadya with Johnny and Victor.
Note: Victor is now on both VK and Weibo
and has invited fans to follow him there!

From Our I Love It When He's Tweet-Happy Dept.: Weekend With the Weir-Voronovs

This clearly struck a chord, 
judging by the retweets and favorites.

Still waiting hopefully for video.


Photo tweeted yesterday by Johnny: 
"Easy like Sunday morning." 
On Instagram he explained, 
"Don't mind the wounds on my forehead. 
Unfortunate unpacking accident."
Love this pic.

And then there's this thoroughly intriguing
tweet from Victor on Saturday. 
Which prompted me to finally take the plunge 
and buy Nats tickets for Davey and me. :D

Bonus video!! Originally tweeted by Jackie 
and used with her permission here: 
"Svetlana's pre-trip interview with 
the one and only Vyacheslav Romanov!" 
(Please click the "rotate" button at the bottom 
to turn Johnny right side up!)

Very special thanks to 
Nadya Vasilyeva 
for the exclusive photos and writeup!!

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aaaack said...

All the photos of Johnny and Victor together show a great amount of delight and high regard for each other...body language, words, etc. So glad that everyone who has met Victor is so very pleased, too. It would be much harder on Johnny and Victor if Victor were not such a good sport.

Lopez has proudly worn an imitative swan skating costume, and Matthew Mitchum has donned the Bad Romance costume with a flourish. Here's betting that Victor will look smashing in Johnny's new Poker Face costume with his sardonic Russian man-of-mystery face.