Friday, November 22, 2013

"I Wish You All the Love and Luck in the World"

Friends at last! After squaring off against one another 
on Skating With the Stars three years ago, 
Johnny and Bethenny had a heart-to-heart to clear the air 
on her talk show this week. The segment was refreshing, 
honest, and actually a lot of fun to watch. 
Photo via Getty. 
More pics, screencaps, and video below!

UPDATE: COMPLETE full episode segment 
with new screencaps below! 
Previous version was missing 
a brief and lolworthy portion.

MUST-SEE TV!! Johnny guest stars 
as Dora the Explorer’s fabulous coach 
in a promo for her prime time adventure, 
“Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular”!
Monday, November 25, 
7 pm EST / 6 pm CST
on Nickelodeon! 
See gorgeous screencaps + video of his spot here.

(I love this tweet. #flawlesshumanunicorn)

UPDATE! Yes, we have video of Johnny’s
commentary on Rostelecom Cup!
Women’s event here.
Update: Men’s event here.

Reminder: Johnny is commentating 
on all the Grand Prix events!! 
Tune in to NBC’s coverage of the Grand Prix Final
Sunday, December 312 noon EST / 11 am CST.

OK, so that went waaaaaay better than I had even hoped. And kudos to Bethenny for inviting Johnny to be a guest on her show with apparently the actual intention of resolving their differences and “moving forward,” which was a major theme of the entire episode.

But the real scene-stealer turned out to be Victor. Invited out from backstage to join the conversation, his and Johnny’s lol-worthy recounting of his whirlwind coming-out process a month before their marriage (if by “process” you mean the same lengthy, methodical, glacial-paced steps involved in happily flicking on a light switch as you breeze past on your way to somewhere else) made him a HuffPo headliner less than two hours after the episode aired on the East Coast.

My favorite part, though, is seeing the looks on the husbands’ face as they watch one another share their story.

Kudos also to Bethenny’s social media and web management teams, who had sneak-peek clips from the show up on her website even before the episode was broadcast yesterday morning, followed by a web-exclusive video of extra Johnny stuff. And we have all the goodies below, starting with a screencap recap and including the husbands’ full on-air segment, sans commercials (skip ahead if you’d like, then come back and enjoy the screencaps!), plus the bonus footage!

Bethenny introduces Johnny: 

“My first guest I met when I was on Skating With the Stars. He was a judge. He said some not-so-nice things to me after my performances on the show: he said he didn’t care to watch me anymore, he said I wasn’t taking his critiques seriously, and that I wasn’t enjoying my time on the show. Well, he was right about that. So a lot of people have written about our feud. 

“Johnny Weir is someone I respect immensely. He is at the top of his game. He is a competitive athlete, the best at what he does. At 12, he joined the competitive world of figure skating. He won three national championships and competed in two Olympic Games. And I invited him here today because I would like to move forward.”

“So please welcome Johnny Weir!”
[And he enters dancing.]

They hug!

Johnny listens as Bethenny explains that she has a lot 
of respect for what he does, that she finds skating incredibly difficult, 
and that because skating is what he does for a living, 
he took SWTS more seriously than she did.

“I thought we were coming on what was this 
seemingly fun competition that has a lot to do with people voting, 
because, let’s face it, I wouldn’t have been a finalist 
if it weren’t for all of you.” Bethenny gestures at her audience.

“I felt the wrath of them. ... 
The world has no fury like a Bethenny fan that is Pissed. Off.” 
(Bethenny later tweeted his comment, 
calling it the “best quote of the season” on her show.)

Then Johnny explains his side: 
“One of the issues, honestly, that I had, 
was while we were filming, I saw a kind of—
a quote that I didn’t like that you said about me, 
something about basically me being a woman. 
Or being jealous of the woman you are.”

Bethenny reads her exact quote from three years ago—
“I am the woman Johnny Weir wants to be, 
and clearly he has an issue with that”—
and gasps at herself as the audience laughs.

Johnny says he could have been more constructive in his critiques,
“and I apologize if I scarred you in any way from figure skating.” 
“No, you didn’t. The experience did, but you didn’t.”

Bethenny says she meant the quote as a joke, 
and probably said it because they had both done 
Blue Fly commercials around that time, 
and both are so fashion-conscious. 
“I mean, you’re wearing wedge boots 
that I don’t know if I could walk in.”

“Well, I tried to bring it for you.”
“Yes, you look very hot!”

Johnny listens closely to Bethenny explain 
how difficult things were for her during SWTS
as a new mom taking the red eye 
back and forth from NYC to LA...

...when suddenly there is a loud bang. 
“There’s been a shooting,” 
Bethenny says matter-of-factly.

Johnny raises his arms in surrender 
as Bethenny explains that it was just a balloon popping.

Unconvinced, he asks, “What are you doing to me??” 
even while he’s cracking up along with the audience. 
“Sorry! I’m sorry!”

“So, whoever did that.....”

“I’m packing.” 

Bethenny explains that she feels their whole feud 
was really much ado about nothing
Johnny says he wasn’t the nicest person at the time, 
they were both going through their own stuff, 
and that it’s hard to figure skate in front of millions of people 
on television. Bethenny says she’d never do it again, 
but then Johnny offers, “Well, if we can ever book it, 
I’d like to take you myself and just shuffle you around myself.”
“OMG! I would love it! Yes, we’re going!” 

And after deciding they were both at fault 
for what happened before, they hug and make up, 
to cheers and applause from the audience.

With all that out of the way, 
Bethenny says, “So, you’re married! He’s cute!”
“He’s here. He’s standing right behind the little thing.”
“He’s hot. ... Can he come out and say hi?”

And here comes Victor... more cheers and applause.

[UPDATE! Five new screencaps!]
Victor explains that the SWTS drama occurred 
before they dated. “Actually, it’s really funny, 
because when I heard about it, my mom was like, 
‘Damn, I love her! Now I can’t like her anymore!” 
(LOL. Go Lili!)

“Wow, look at you! You’re so conservative. 
[To Johnny] So you’re obviously 
the peacock in the relationship...” 

“Yes, he’s a lawyer. He’s a normal person.” 

Bethenny asks when they got married, 
but they are suddenly distracted, 
apparently by a falling balloon.

“OK, if I get murdered here, either by gun 
or balloon, we might have a new feud.”

Bethenny says reassuringly that 
the balloon is their wedding gift. 
“We’re on a budget. 
Season 2, you’ll get a whole bouquet. 
Happy wedding.”

“So do you think that you’ll start a family?” 
Bethenny asks while this is going on. 
“Absolutely,” says Victor.

Johnny explains a little of their history: 
“He was actually in the closet till about two months 
before we were married.” 

“Yeah, I was in the closet,” Victor admits. 
“I told my family a month before we got married, 
and then my friends only found out in People Magazine.” 
Bethenny is flabbergasted, especially when Victor explains 
that he had known he was gay “probably since 
I was the age of about 6 or 8.”

“You come out of the closet, and, like, you dip your foot in. 
You date like a banker or an accountant. 
YOU date Johnny Weir. Like, flamboyant. 
Like, furs and feathers—”
“—the Gayest. Person. Ever.” Johnny agrees.

Bethenny imagines Victor explaining it to his mother: 
“ ‘Mom ... In the dictionary, when you 
look up the word “gay”: I married that guy.’ ... 
Well, go big or go home.”

“I chainstormed the door down.
I didn’t ‘come out of the closet’—
I chainstormed it down.”

“I basically said: ‘(A) I’m gay, 
(B) I’m getting married, and 
(C) it’s to Johnny Weir.’”

“I’m a masculine guy. People don’t—
people didn’t expect that.”

“No, you look straight as an arrow, friend.” 

“And he talks like it.”

Johnny explains that their engagement was during his 
MAC cosmetics campaign, “and I was in every mall in America 
when he was doing the coming-out process. 
So I had the mohawk, I had the full dirty face, and nipples out, 
and everything. And he would walk his friends by 
the poster and say: ‘I’m gay, and—

—I’m dating THAT.’”

(For a better look at “THAT” as featured 
in many stores at the time, click here.)

“I was going to do my dad last, 
because he’s like a tough Soviet man. 
I was going to tell him last. I told him first. 
He was SO supportive—EVERYBODY was so supportive 
that I was like, ‘I’m going to have fun with this.’”

“So I took my best friend to the mall, to this big, giant, 
like, 12-foot poster of Johnny in makeup, and I’m like: 
‘Um, I’m gay, and I’m getting married—

—to THAT.’”

Bethenny asks where they met, and 
Victor says it was in a restaurant in NYC. 
“I’m so happy for you! I’m happy that you came, 
and I wish you all the love and luck in the world.”

“I hope you have a big, beautiful family.”

UPDATE: the ACTUAL full episode!!
Previous version was missing the
brief portion now screencapped above.
Video link.

Bonus clips from Bethenny! 
“Would Johnny Weir Ever....?”
Video link.

From Bethenny’s website: “There was so much fun 
with Johnny Weir on the show, but not enough time 
to fit it all in the hour! Here’s what you missed...” 
Note Victor in the bottom right corner of the screen.

During the second part of this segment, Johnny helps two sisters who live together. One is a talker, and the other just needs to be left alone for a while—NO talking!—when she comes home from work each day. Johnny says: “I argue with Victor about [this] all the time. He’s a talker; I’m not. But when I talk, he doesn’t really listen [audience laughs]. But you have to decompress. You have to get home and shed the day off you, wash the day off you, and then relaxingly get into it. That’s my opinion.”

Bonus pics!! 
Via Getty.

Dancing at the beginning of the 

Get ready for Cup of Russia! Love these tweets re: 
Johnny and Tara Lipinski commenting on the men’s and ladies’ 
events at last weekend’s TEB.

Very special thanks 
to Jenn Kittler 
for her invaluable help with screencaps!

Watch Johnny’s spot here, here, or here!

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On Johnny’s website, 
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All four segments of Shigesato Itoi’s 
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about his retirement from competitive skating
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aaaack said...

Very glad to see the B-J conflict resolved. Thought the conflict was uncharacteristic of and below both of them.

Victor is adorable. When he finally came out of the closet, I will bet he converted a few people to be sympathetic to the LGBT world view.

Both Johnny and Victor are absolutely right in terms of how they want to handle end-of-day conversations because people are put together very differently in terms of gathering emotional baggage and unloading. You both either have to meet halfway. Or, the talkative person needs to find a safe ear (such as a relative or an old friend) to unload on. Whereas, both listeners need to learn how to listen and really hear without judging and without playing Mr. Fix-it, unless the Fix-it mode is requested. Some people just need to think out loud in front of a spouse in order to come up with their own solutions.

Marriage involves the hard work of accepting others' limitations and needs and balancing that with your own limitations and needs. Not easy. But you need to reach an honest, happy balance before you bring kids into the picture, because kids will tilt everything with their own limits and needs, and each spouse's perception of those limits and needs will differ.

Atomic Wife said...

That was fabulous! I love J & V so much!! I love Johnny's loyalty when he tells the friend (in the audience portion), "How could you do that? I would never do that!).

Glad J & B talked it out... loved the brutal honesty in the discussion - "my fans [cabal] are like that too" - LOVED the whole thing.