Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Be Beautiful and Speak Well"

Johnny at one of the men’s practices in Sochi. 
Exclusive photo © Elena Vasileva.

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at the Oscars!

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UPDATE!! Via Tara Lipinski: 
“Watch us tonite on Chelsea Lately! 
#taraandjohnny on Us soil begins 

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Visit Johnny’s official website for a schedule of all his upcoming TV appearances!

OK! Johnny’s coverage of the Oscars for Access Hollywood begins today, according to this promo, with a scheduled segment in which Access Hollywood follows Johnny and Tara around in LA as they choose their looks for the big night:

Monday, February 10, 2014

"The Best Johnny Decision NBC Has Made Since Carson"

They’re a hit! Articulate, knowledgeable, and hilarious 
commentary, and absolutely stunning on camera.
Photo via @TaraAndJohnny prior to their appearance 
on the Today Show this morning. 

Video clip below! 
Plus tons of pics!

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Johnny and Tara Lipinski will be LIVE 
on NBC Sports Network with commentary 
all week beginning Tuesday, 
February 11, 10 am EST, 
with Pairs Short Program coverage!

Not home during the day? 
DVR them to enjoy the best 
figure skating commentary ever!

Full live broadcast schedule now
posted on Johnny’s official website!

Yaaasssss! And well-deserved!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Live from Sochi: Johnny Being Johnny

Photo © Jared Castaldi for Philly Mag.

Johnny and Tara Lipinski will be LIVE 
on NBC Sports Network with commentary 
beginning Saturday, February 8, 
9:30 am EST, for Team Event coverage!
Details below! 

Full live broadcast
schedule for the weekend now
posted on Johnny’s official website!

See also NBC Olympics broadcast 
schedule here, and check your local listings.
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OK! Just a few quick things to make sure you’re caught up and ready for Johnny LIVE from Sochi!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

Johnny and his beloved Vancouver 2010 roommate 
Tanith Belbin, reunited in Sochi! 
Photobomber is NBC commentator Sandra Bezic. 
Via Tanith: “Ran into a few familiar faces 
today here at the IBC! @SandraBezic 
@JohnnyGWeir #SochieSelfie” 
Tanith is slated to do segments for 

At last: Johnny’s 4CC commentary!
Ladies’ here, men’s here. Enjoy!

UPDATE!! And clarification of Johnny and Tara’s 
live coverage duties at last, via Tara: 
“Test test position 
but not live til Saturday. Get ready! 
@johnnygweir @taraandjohnny”

I believe this means they’ll be live on NBC Sports Network
this Saturday, beginning at 9:30 am EST, for 
Team Event coverage! See NBC Olympics broadcast 
schedule here, and check your local listings.

UPDATE: Full live broadcast
schedule for the weekend now
posted on Johnny’s official website!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

"I'm Kind of a Tchotchke"

Johnny during his interview with the BBC, 
part of a documentary titled “Dan Snow’s 
History of the Winter Olympics.” 
More screencaps 
plus video AND transcript below!

UPDATE: Follow Johnny and Tara Lipinski on their new Instagram account! Where they are having waaay too much fun posting videos from Sochi, as you’ll see when you scroll down...

UPDATE from Sochi! Via Johnny: 
“Wilderness. @ Каток на Роза Хутор

More Sochi updates below!