Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Johnny Returns to Japan!

Johnny at Narita airport today. Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin. Full set of exclusives below!

Summer touring season kicks off this week with Fantasy on Ice, which begins Friday in Makuhari. Here’s a look at Johnny’s arrival in Tokyo today at about 2 pm local time (around midnight here in the US), and the happy welcome he received from his beloved Japanese Angels. ❤️

Saturday, May 16, 2015

'Rolling Ball of Sparkle': The Legendary AOI Shanghai Press Conference

With the announcement of the Artistry on Ice 2015 show dates, we are all pleasantly reminded of the glorious on- and off-ice shenanigans that inevitably accompany this tour. But nothing has ever topped this classic moment: the June 2013 AOI press conference in Shanghai, brought to you predictably by Johnny and St├ęphane, with surprising cameos by Kurt Browning and ... Patrick Chan.

Please join me in reliving the happy insanity of the best press conference ever.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Weibocalypse Has Been Scheduled

Johnny as the King’s Consort in “Farewell My Concubine / When Love Is Gone,” from the Artistry on Ice 2014 tour. He played the role as part of a groundbreaking and extremely well-received male/male pairs routine with partner Zhang Hao. Please click to see the gorgeous full-size image.

So Johnny's summer touring season kicks off just two weeks from today with Fantasy on Ice in Japan. The other big news this week: Artistry on Ice 2015 tour dates have been announced! And that means the Weibocalypse — the avalanche of AOI photos and videos that engulfs fandom every summer via the Chinese microblog site Weibo, thanks to the amazing generosity of Johnny's Chinese fans — is nigh.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sun-Drenched Johnny in Sun Valley

Johnny at rehearsal, Sun Valley, Idaho, August 2014.
Exclusive photo © David Keyser.