Friday, September 25, 2015

Sultry Carmen Stuns Evening With Champions

Johnny during his Carmen performance Friday night at An Evening With Champions. Exclusive photo © David Keyser. Please click this supersize pic to enjoy it in all its splendor.

At last our coverage of An Evening With Champions begins! And we’re going to get right to it with Johnny’s ‘Carmen,’ which surprised attendees as the first solo program of the show both nights. Not sure some of them will ever recover...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The (Un)Glamorous World of Figure Skating Show Rehearsals

Johnny at rehearsal in Sun Valley before that evening’s performance. Exclusive photo © David Keyser.

Our Sun Valley coverage continues with another glimpse of the skating world beyond the dazzling three or four minutes that we see Johnny on the ice in a show.

Before that moment ever happens, there is endless rehearsal time, alone and with other cast members of whatever show he’s starring in. It’s humbling to see how hard all these skaters work to entertain the rest of us, and how much they love what they do.

And thanks to Johnny’s unbridled spirit and sense of humor, a lot of that rehearsal time is also pretty dazzling.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Most Fun Anyone Could Possibly Have Skating a Finale to 'Cotton-Eyed Joe'

Under a golden spotlight, Johnny waves to fans during the finale skate-around at the end of the Sun Valley on Ice show. Exclusive photo © David Keyser.

So we have now come to the last three minutes of the Sun Valley show, and IDEK how to explain the lolworthy insanity happening here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sun Valley Serendipity

Johnny Weir at Sun Valley airport JW_DWK_08-2015_IMG_3328-5_e3wm
Johnny chats with fans after arriving in Sun Valley just hours before he was scheduled to perform, thanks to a truly outstanding series of travel snafus. Exclusive photo © David Keyser.

Our Sun Valley coverage continues merrily meandering along its completely non-chronological path with today’s picspam covering Johnny’s arrival in Sun Valley some 24 hours later than expected.