Friday, November 20, 2015

Count Weircula Plays in Peoria

Johnny Weir (c) David Keyser
Johnny as Dracula in Nancy Kerrigan’s Halloween on Ice during the tour’s stop in my hometown: Peoria, IL. It was his twelfth performance in three weeks, with a not-fully-healed right ankle, and he was, as always, absolutely amazing. Exclusive photo © David Keyser.

Yes, there's more Halloween on Ice tour picspam! And video! Because who doesn’t want a gazillion new pics of Johnny skating in (a) a sheer red lace bodysuit or (b) a dramatic silken cloak, portraying the Vampire King as only he can? (Haha wait is that even a question...?)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween on Ice: Spellbound

Johnny Weir (c) David Keyser
Johnny during his grand entrance as Dracula at the end of Act I in Nancy Kerrigan’s Halloween on Ice, flying around the arena with the help of John Coughlin and Brent Bommentre. Exclusive photo © David Keyser. 40+ amazing photos plus exclusive video below!

Today’s picspam offers an unparalleled compilation of fabulousness in vampirism.