Friday, May 19, 2017

Johnny Weir Q&A: Yuri on Ice and More!

Johnny cracks up while fielding questions from attendees at the Skating Club of Wilmington’s meet-n-greet/Q&A. Exclusive photo © David Keyser.

At long last, but so worth the wait: below are the complete video highlights of Johnny’s Q&A session at the Skating Club of Wilmington’s Spring Ice Show (see coverage of his performances from the show here: Heartbreak and Creep).

Yes, Mr. Weir will now take your questions. And answer them as thoughtfully and charmingly as is humanly possible. All while looking fabulous in a veiled hat.

[SPOILER: yes, he talks about Yuri!!! on Ice and those gold blades and the fandom and it’s all awesome.]

Also included: a gallery of exclusive photos of Johnny standing; Johnny sitting in a chair; and Johnny standing with fans. You’re welcome. 💯


Video link.

Johnny answers questions from fans during the meet-n-greet at the Skating Club of Wilmington’s Spring Ice Show, April 2017. He discusses Yuri!!! on Ice beginning at about 14:51. Complete topic list and approximate timestamps:

0:00 – Welcome and discussion of Johnny’s two programs for the show, ‘Heartbreak‘ and ‘Creep.’

02:33 – Will Johnny and Tara Lipinski ever skate together?

04:00 – Old-school figures in figure skating (and cursive writing).

04:48 – Social media, including Johnny’s advice to young people on how to use it wisely and how to handle trolls.

08:32 – Behind-the-scenes look at figure skating commentating, and what Johnny and Tara will be doing at the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang.

13:20 – Johnny’s Instagram Insights stats and ‘The Fight for Fifth Place.’

14:51 – Yuri!!! on Ice discussion, including why Johnny uses gold blades, what he likes about the show, how well it portrays the skating world, and his praise for the show’s creators.

18:52 – Johnny’s various appearances on Food Network.

23:18 – Behind the scenes at the Beverly Hills Dog Show.

24:02 – Coaching, choreography, costuming, and commentating.

26:14 – The Be Good Johnny Weir experience.

28:32 – A Tara and Johnny late-night talk show . . . ?

29:12 – Johnny’s upcoming appearance on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

31:08 – The inspirations behind Johnny’s ‘Creep’ and ‘Heartbreak’ programs.

36:09 – The Tara and Johnny podcast logistics.

38:17 – Memories of Johnny’s first group lesson and how his skating career began.

41:16 – Johnny retired from competitive skating in 2013. Will there come a time when he retires from skating completely . . . ?

45:37 – Johnny’s three “home states.”

46:02 – Johnny’s favorite things about Japan.

48:09 – The inspirations for Johnny’s ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Creep’ costumes.

49:58 – What the world needs is a Johnny Weir Museum.

50:13 – Closing and thanks.


From the organized chaos that was the photo session. More meet-n-greet pix by SCW photographer Don Thureau here.

Johnny with my very dear friends Chris Krafft . . . 

 . . . and Jenn Kittler.

With Natsumi, whose skate he autographed . . . 

 . . . and Yoshie . . . 

 . . . who together delighted him with a special bouquet . . . 

 . . . featuring Тёма’s sweet puppy face made out of flowers in the center! 🐶

With my very dear and special friend Bernadette.

Family portrait, L to R: Anastasia Pryanikova and her daughter Lexi; Julie Findon; dear Bern; that skater dude; and Jen Warfield.

Johnny with another dear friend, Alex, who first met Johnny in February 2013, when Johnny was awarded the first-ever “Johnny Weir WinterPride Award” by the city of Philadelphia. Alex wrote about his journey at that time in a special guest blog post.

Their reunion four years later was lovely and sweet . . . 

 . . . and encouraging.

With several Ladies of SCW in Hats, including Melinda Weinstein, second from left, VP of the skating club’s Board of Directors. Hats were encouraged as part of the event, billed as ‘Tea with Johnny.’

And with me!

Exclusive photos © David Keyser.